Nature Reserve

Guests wishing to visit the hotel’s private nature reserve will be pleased to discover it is only a short stroll from the terrace at the rear…..

…..venture beyond the ornamental pond located behind the swimming pool and you will find one of the 2 entrance gates.

Our nature reserve is an area of outstanding natural beauty & biodiversity, home to an ever-expanding range of local & migratory wildlife, no hunting or trapping, legal or otherwise has been allowed in our reserve for over 35 years. Once inside, you will see evidence of the great storm of 1987 in the form of felled trees, resting where the storm left them! You will also see our natural lake, established for over 100 years & home to a thriving eco-system.

Please note, that once inside the nature reserve, you will be in a wild environment with natural hazards i.e. the occasional falling branch, naturally formed bodies of water etc, we suggest that you exercise caution and stick to the paths denoted by orange striped logs and be especially careful around the lake periphery whilst inside.

Nature Reserve Rules;

  • Regrettably persons under the age of 16 are not allowed into the reserve (for reasons of safety) unless supervised by an adult or guardian above this age.
  • Only residents of DeRougemont manor may have access to the nature reserve, non-residents may be permitted by prior arrangement.
  • Please take care whilst you are in our nature reserve and treat the countryside and woodland with the respect it deserves. Please do not litter.
  • There are 2 main entrance/exit points, it is important that you leave the area as nature has made it! Please shut and padlock the gates upon entering & exiting the reserve, this will prevent any other unwelcome visitors from entering and possibly putting themselves in danger.
  • We respectfully request that visitors wash their hands & footwear upon returning to the hotel.
  • Please return the key to reception once your visit is over.
  • There is of course no charge for visiting the reserve, like nature itself…it’s free!

Please enjoy the beautiful surroundings in our nature reserve – but enjoy this area safely, we suggest that you take a fully charged mobile phone with you on your visit in the unlikely event that you may need assistance in any way.

Please collect and sign for the key from reception.

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