Ian Hilton
Ian HiltonHotel Founder
Sam Banks
Sam BanksAssociate Director
Sam, our Associate Director with an edge! Sam has been a part of the hotel since the tender age of 14 in various capacities. With his 6’6 height, he is instantly recognisable around the building and is always on hand to assist our guests and staff alike with a warm smile (unless perhaps if it’s early morning – he only comes to life around midday.) Having studied Hospitality & Marketing, Sam is always ensuring De Rougemont is continually growing and improving. When he isn’t working, he loves a night out with friends, or jetting off on holiday – with a few sunbeds in-between!
Sara Broadbridge
Sara Broadbridge Assistant Hotel Manager
Sara has been with us since 2016 and became our Assistant Hotel Manager in 2018. She doesn’t get much time to herself but when she does she loves to get away and chase the sun (she says she’s not made for this country as she’s always cold), her favourite place in the world is Greece and she plans to visit all the islands one day and eat as much Greek food as humanly possible. Any other free time she spends with her husband, 3 sons or childhood friends, a day out with her Mum & Niece or a takeaway night with friends is her perfect way to relax.
Jack Angell
Jack AngellReception & Reservations Manager
Jack is our Reception & Reservations Manager and he’s always waiting to welcome our guests with a smile. When not at the hotel you may find Jack playing a bit of 6-a-side football with his team, supporting a Manchester United game with his Dad or watching horror films with his brother and sister! He’s a self confessed film buff and loves to have the wits scared out of him on screen, his favourite film is The Conjuring 2 – which the rest of us are happy to steer well clear of! Jack loves a party holiday away with friends but also hopes to visit the Caribbean one day for a bit of sunshine & relaxation.
Jonny Sáuescu
Jonny SáuescuNights Manager
The sociable guy with all the unsociable hours! Jonny is very active and enjoys everything from martial arts to body building, trampolining and tap dancing! Unfortunately due to a knee accident he has been (as he calls it) in ‘Grandpa mode’ for a while in order to recover. He is a confessed video game addict but aspires to write some fantasy novels one day (pre-orders available at reception). He is very knowledgeable and is keen to learn about other cultures and has set himself the challenge of learning as many languages as he can! If you’re struggling to sleep, get him to play you some classical guitar.
Nancy Lebeau
Nancy LebeauFront of House Manager
Nancy is our Front of House Manager. She started her working life as an apprentice in a 5* hotel in London and came to the De Rougemont family as Reception Manager after wanting to be closer to home. Now in her role as Front of House manager she aims to promote greater communication across the hotel departments and get us organised behind the scenes! When not at work Nancy loves hanging out at home with her Boston Terrier Vinnie, watching a good crime drama or the Game of Thrones series. Her idea of the perfect holiday is enjoying the white sands and turquoise waters of Bora Bora with a Piña Colada in hand and some 90’s pop in her headphones.
Ross McIntyre
Ross McIntyreFood & Beverage Manager
Ross McIntyre (known as Mac), is our Food and Beverage Manager. A “native of Billericay”, Mac has managed bars and restaurants in the local area, spent 14 years working abroad and worked on cruise ships in Europe and the Caribbean – so he’s an expert when it comes to first class service. While at the hotel you may find him dancing around the restaurant to 80’s music or singing along to his favourite Luther Vandross songs. When not working, Mac loves catching up with his 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters or going for a cheeky Pie ‘n Mash. As a self-confessed foodie he’s passionate about the F&B industry and can be bought with a good old Sunday Roast… or a ticket to a Tottenham football game would certainly get him on-side!
Lauren Thurston
Lauren ThurstonHR Manager
Lauren is our HR Manager and we couldn’t run this place without her! Lauren has a background in senior revenues & recruitment, and works all hours of the day and night to ensure everything keeps running smoothly! When not at work, Lauren enjoys nothing more than a day with her partner and son or a night out with the girls. She joined us in 2009 and has never looked back!
Naomi Wilson
Naomi WilsonOperations & Events Manager
Naomi, our Operations & Events Manager – where do we start?! If you have ever visited the hotel you will most likely recognise her, not only because she is always floating around, but quite simply because she’s so important that she isn’t allowed to have any days off! After joining us at the age of 16, she says has been ’part of the furniture’ ever since. Here nearly all hours of the day and night, Naomi does also enjoy an experience day out with friends and family or visit to the gym. It’s worth also noting that she is easily bought with some homemade fudge!
Alex Copley
Alex CopleyMarketing Manager
Alex is our Marketing Manager, she’s here to make sure everyone knows about all the fabulous and fun things we do at De Rougemont! You’ll either find her running around grabbing photos at events or with her head down in the office trying to make sure everything gets done. When not working, Alex loves spending time with family & friends, teaching her Pole Fitness classes, wakeboarding or going to circus class – she thinks she spends roughly 50% of her time upside down and has been told that she must have been a bat in a previous life.
Malcolm Seabright
Malcolm SeabrightHead Chef
Malcolm started with us as a Sous Chef and has now stepped up to the plate (literally!) to take on the role of Head Chef. He is cheerful, easy going, approachable and a fantastic asset to the Management Team. Although he was brought up in Essex, Malcolm lived in Scotland for some years and worked with two chefs from New Zealand so it’s always fun to try and pick out the different parts of his mixed accent! When not at work you might find him playing 5-a-side football or dining out in fancy restaurants (he says is great not to have to cook, although he can’t help but price up other menus!). He always looks forward to summer holidays when he can spend some time with his three sons in Scotland.
Victoria Lovell
Victoria LovellHead of Housekeeping
Vicky is our Head of Housekeeping, or as we prefer – our ‘Queen of Clean’. Having worked at the hotel since 2008, there isn’t a nook or cranny in the place that she hasn’t had a duster to. With a background in corporate cleaning, in her previous role in Canary Wharf, Vicky certainly knows her stuff when it comes to maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Her time is spent between managing our busy housekeeping department and running a home with two boys – she says that there’s not much difference between the two!
Lisa Rawles
Lisa RawlesFinance Manager
Lisa is our super busy Finance Manager, she keeps us all in check here as well as running a home with three young daughters and two pet rabbits (which were for the children but now she has to look after those too!), we’re not sure how she manages it all! To relax, Lisa loves heading off on camping holidays or to their home-from-home in Devon for some family time, she adores her girls and loves spending time with them. Lisa dreams about going to Australia one day or back to America where she had her honeymoon and a trip to Disneyland is definitely on the cards!
Bob Townsend
Bob TownsendGrounds and Maintenance Manager
If you’re ever in need of a little assistance – Bob is your guy. The DIY expert of the hotel, he has been our Head of Maintenance & Grounds for over three years. He’s called here, there and everywhere over the hotel so if you need to contact him, radio is the only way – he’s never in one place long enough to track down! If you want to fast track your job, he can be bought with a pint of cold lager but if you bought him a boat on the Norfolk broads he would love you a whole lot more.