Cocktails £8.50

Caribbean Sea breeze
Twist of a classic Sea breeze, light with bags of tangy Melon and fruity Sea breeze flavours. Not overly sweet. A bright green and red with more than a hint of Vodka.

Fruity, lively and deliciously balanced, with great tasting Vodka as its base, follow by Passion fruit, Blue Curacao and Orange Juice.

Blue Hawaiian
There’s something alluring about blue cocktails, they’re exciting and almost exotic, and perfectly mix of Rum and homemade coconut mixed and Pineapple juice.
Twist of a Classic Piña Colada.

Sweet and fruity flavours, with a strong, natural ripe peach, homemade coconut mix and hint of orange and white Rum that’s balanced and delicious.

Mango Mai Tai
Mai Tai is the Tahitian word for “Good” take it from good to Great by trying Mango version. The ultimate Tiki drink, a tangy, refreshing mix of 3 type of Rums and Homemade Mai Tai Mixed.

A long, fruity sweet drink, strongly flavoured Banana and Cherry with balancing of Orange and Pineapple Juice.

Manor Gin Sling
This well balanced drink shows a good, clean Sloe fruit, Cherry and Blackcurrants characters with a hint of peppery spice plus freshness with a faint sweetness.

After Dinner Cocktails £7.00

Hazelnut Espresso Martini
Forget about ‘Vodka Red Bull’ this is Connoisseur way of combining caffeine and Vodka with a hint of Hazelnut Flavour.

Chocolate Martini
Vodka and Bitter Cacao and Espresso coffee liqueur make a striking looking drink and rich, cocoa flavours that blend beautifully with the subtle of Vermouth.

Skip dessert and go straight for the Grasshopper! This is a delicious green martini that is light on the alcohol and heavy on the sweet flavour and it is a pure chocolate mint delight.

The Mudslide is a very popular cocktail that is very similar to the white Russian. A scrumptious dessert drink with Irish cream, coffee and touch of Galliano.