When does the hotel reopen?
The hotel is reopening on Monday 27th July 2020. We have decided to delay the open date to ensure that we have taken all the necessary precautions, and have everything in place.

Will all services in the hotel reopen?
At this first opening stage, we will not be opening all parts of the hotel as before. Due to restrictions and government guidelines we are having to reduce covers in some areas, and have maximum capacitys on services like weddings, conferences etc… Our team can speak to you directly about what might be closed whilst you are visiting.

What extra precautions have you put in place?
We have increased our already high cleaning standards, and each bedroom has a second check by a supervisor/manager under a thorough 60 point checklist to ensure it’s been cleaned to standard.

  • We have installed several hand sanitizer units around the hotel for guest use, including the entrance and exits.
  • Within our reception and bar areas you will find Perspex screens for the protection of our guests and staff.
  • All our staff serving, unless protected by a screen will be wearing a face covering and gloves, including our kitchen areas.
  • On top of our usual deep daily public area cleaning we are doing on the hour cleans of all touch points, door handles, surfaces and high contact areas.
  • We have tissue stations spread around the ground floor areas of the hotel and advise all guests to sneeze into their upper sleeve if a tissue is not available.
  • We now have entrance only and exit only doors within the building to help with the flow of traffic and to avoid unnecessary congestion
  • Where a que is likely to form we have floor markings appropriately spaced out with signage advising
  • Within our bedrooms, we have removed our information booklets, guest directories and made all these available online. Following your check in you will receive a link with all this information in.
  • Within our restaurant we are using ‘one use’ menu’s which will be disposed of after use.
  • Within our food & beverage areas we are taking away shared condiments such as salt and pepper shakers, sauce pots etc, and will provide anything required in individual sachets/packets. All table cutlery will be provided in a cloth napkin.

What facilities are open?
Our tennis courts, gym and swimming pool are still available. Due to social distancing guidelines we have to now take bookings for each of these areas.

  • Tennis courts & gym are available to book in 1 hour time slots.
  • Swimming pool is available to book in 45 minute time slots.
  • Our nature reserve will remain open.
  • Within the tennis courts, we have two tennis courts and you can book one court per room.
  • Within the gym area, we will have a maximum of one room within the gym at any one time.
  • The swimming pool will have a maximum of two rooms in there at any one time and it’s the responsibility of each room to ensure they are socially distancing within the pool.

A reminder that you must be an overnight guest to use all our facilities.

Do you still accept cash? 
Whilst we are discouraging the use of cash, we are still happy to accept if this is your preferred payment method.

Do I have to wear a mask when visiting
Yes, it’s a legal requirement to be wearing a mask within any public area of a hotel.  Previously it remained a personal choice, but was changed to compulsory on the 7th August 2020. Our staff will also be wearing masks 24-7 even when protected by a perspex screen. 

Food & Beverage:

Will you still be doing a breakfast buffet?
At present, we are unable to offer a breakfast buffet. Currently breakfast is available via room service only and will only be available in the room. Within the room you will find a breakfast card which needs to be placed on your room door before 2am. This will then be delivered to your room at a time of your choice – the perfect excuse to enjoy breakfast in bed!

Will you still be doing evening meals?
Yes, our restaurant/lounge areas will still be available for evening meals. Whilst some of the areas may be closed off, there will always be an area available for food and drinks. We are currently running a slightly limited menu, however this still offer a great choice at our usual high quality. In room dining is also available. Hot food is available from 5.30pm-9.30pm.

Is your main bar open for drinks?
Our main bar is open, however you will not be able to order directly from the bar. We are operating table service only. Each table will have a service button located, and should you require additional drinks or food you can call for a server who will arrive to take your order. This then all gets served to you directly at the table. Please note the bar will close for table service at 10pm however drinks are available after this. 

What is the maximum table size?
This is dependent on the tier at the date of the booking. Currently the indoor maximum table size is 6 people and these 6 have to come from one household or support bubble. Outside – We can seat 6 from any household. Tables larger than this number or from numerous households will be split across multiple tables within the closest proximity keeping social distancing in mind. 

What happens if I book an outside table and it rains?

We will locate you a table inside, however you may need to split across multiple tables depending on how many households you are from. This will be explained upon booking. 

Is Sunday Lunch Available?
Currently Sunday lunch is not available.

Is Afternoon Tea Available?
Yes afternoon tea is available Friday, Saturday & Sunday between 12pm-4pm. In the event that you have booked an outside table and it rains you will be set up inside and spread across the appropriate table size for households – our team can explain this further on booking.


Will my room be cleaned daily if I am staying multiple nights?
We are happy to still offer a full service on every day, however we understand some guests would prefer to not have this service – this is at your discretion. You can opt out of a daily clean with our check in team.

Are you removing items from the bedrooms?

  • We are removing the hotel guest directory, and this will be available online via a link you will receive after check in.
  • We will be placing the spare pillows in a plastic covering and these will be placed within the wardrobe shelf.
  • We will be removing the bedroom cushions and throws from the bed. 
  • Tea/Coffee facilities will still be available complimentary within the room.


We look forward to welcoming you back!