Everyday life can be stressful. You work all day, spend your evening cooking and getting through housework and then you have to find some space in the schedule to catch up with your family & friends.

It’s not always easy to fit it all in, so that’s where we come in! We want you to take an evening off, spend some quality time with the people who matter to you and be waited on hand & foot.

Join us at our beautiful country manor with your friends, family or significant other and enjoy a classic from our NEW and exciting cocktail list! No need to arrange anything extravagant, just take an evening to relax in our comfortable champers lounge and choose a concoction from our fabulous list of cocktail classics. From an ‘Old Fashioned’ to a ‘Pornstar Martini’, we’ve got an aperitif to suit all tastes.

Cocktail List:

Aperol Spritz
A balance of bitter, sweet & citrus

Light, sour & refreshing

Espresso Martini
The boost you need for the night ahead

Gin Martini
Simple, fragrant & timeless

Long Island Iced Tea
For the spirit connoisseurs

Old Fashioned
A no nonsense cocktail

Passion Fruit Daiquiri
Full of passion & punch

Pornstar Martini
Sweet & fruity with a dash of bubbles

Sex on the Beach
Refreshing, fruity & full of summer

Strawberry Daiquiri
The perfect balance of sweet & tangy

Vodka Martini
Shaken not stirred

Woo Woo
A delicious mix of crisp, sour & sweet

All cocktails are only £8.50!

Why not make a night of it?

Upgrade your evening off to an overnight escape. Dine from our superb winter menu and stay in one of our stylist & comfortable bedrooms for the perfect spontaneous short break! Contact our reservations team on 01277 226418 to book.

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Fridays & Saturday evenings only.

Call 01277 226418 to book, Offer ends 24/11/18 

For more information or table availability please give us a call on 01277 226 418!